Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rainy morning nomination news

It's raining here in Ottawa right now, but that doesn't stop nomination news from pouring in.

In this article, a Conservative nomination candidate for Churchill, Wally Daudrich, a local business owner, attacks Liberal candidate Sydney Garrioch for not leaving his position as grand chief of the northern Manitoba reserves. I hadn't seen Daudrich's name mentioned earlier, so I dunno when he entered the race, and I don't know if he faces any competition for the Tory nod.

More news for the Liberals out of Quebec, with Bianka Villeneuve winning the nomination for Jonquière-Alma, currently held by cabinet minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn. Villenueve is the president of the local riding association, and has served as a notary and on the local Chamber of Commerce.

In the other Tory held seat in the region, 2008 Liberal candidate Bernard Garneau says he will run, joining former ADQ candidate Jacques Cadieux, who declared back in April apparently and I missed the article:

The seat has is one of the few in Quebec that historically (ie, pre rise of the BQ) tended to vote more conservatively, with the PC's holding it from 52-53, 58-62, and 84-93, as well as a being a Social Credit stronghold for almost 20 years from 62-80, so the Conservatives picking it up in a by-election in 2007 was not the most surprising thing in the world.

There is a thread on the rabble boards talking about possible NDP candidates, and while much of it is wishful thinking, some of it was a bit more substantive, with one commenter suggesting that the presence of 2008 candidate Davenport candidate Peter Ferreira in the recorded video to Layton at the NDP convention might be a sign that he is interested in the nomination.

Anyway that's all for now, hopefully hope to see you at Yasir Naqvi's community BBQ tonight.

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