Monday, August 24, 2009

Far too early in the morning nomination news

Can't sleep, might as well blog. New developments in the GTA(ish) and the Greater Montreal area.
In Dufferin-Caledon, it would seem previously declared candidate, riding association president Jeff May, has withdrawn from the race, with Garth Turner saying he said he would not run on the 6th, as well as pulling his website down. Barring another challenger, this leaves Turner with a clear run at the Liberal nomination for what has turned into a seemingly fairly safe Tory riding.
In Saint Lambert, 2008 candidate Roxanne Stanners was acclaimed as Liberal candidate for the next election. SL was one the ridings that was to have a by-election but got wrapped up into the general election, and it is rumoured that a disapointing Tory finish in the by-elections was one of the reasons for Harper calling a snap election. The results of the federal election lend a bit of backing to this idea, and Stanners finished a strong 2nd, under 10% behind the successful BQ candidate, while the Conservatives nearly slipped to 4th. The riding is one the Liberals are definately looking at as a potential gain.

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penlan said...

What is happening in Perth-Wellington? I can't get any info from the Assoc. There appears to be no candidate & no nomination process at this time.

I asked you this the other day on another post of yours but you didn't post my comment or try to answer.

I AM a Liberal supporter & Party member btw. You can check out my blog for proof if you like.