Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Election rumours as the Quebec Liberal machine rolls on

Ignatieff's office denies a rumour that started in the Quebec press: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20090818/ignatieff_election_090818/20090818?hub=Canada

But the LPC-Q continues to provide new nomination news almost every day, so they aren't letting any election or lack of an election deter them.


Lobbyist and former PQ ministerial advisor Johanne Brisson will be the Liberal candidate in the riding of Louis-Saint-Laurent, currently held by Harper cabinet minister Josee Verner. Verner used to be the most high profile Tory in the province, coming close to winning the Tories a seat in Quebec in 2004, and serving as Harper's Quebec lieutenent and as a member of shadow cabinet outside Parliament until 2006, when she won the seat. The riding previous had a storied Liberal history, as Quebec East, one of the precursor ridings, was represented by two Liberal Prime Ministers (Wilfred Laurier, and no points awarded for guessing who the other one was) and a Liberal Quebec lieutenant, Ernest Lapointe, who served in the position for Mackenzie King. The riding was held as recently as 2000, but felt to the BQ in 2004 before losing it to Verner. Brisson being a candidate is interesting, as it fulfills the second part of Denis Coderre saying that he was targeting "ex adéquistes and fatigued sovertigntists." Ex ADQ figures have already emerged in the figures of Claude Morin and others, but I believe Brisson is the first figure to emerge as a Liberal candidate with ties to the PQ/BQ.


Marc Giroux was acclaimed as the Liberal candidate in Mégantic – L'Érable, he will challenge the current Conservative Quebec lieutenant, Christian Paradis. Interestingly, and I hadn't seen this mentioned in any other articles about Giroux, he also has ties to the sovertignst movement, according to this: http://www.cyberpresse.ca/le-soleil/actualites/politique/200908/17/01-893432-megantic-lerable-un-ancien-souverainiste-sera-candidat-liberal.php he served on the executive of the regional association of the Parti Quebecois. Interesting, Coderre directly mentions Claude Morin and compares him to Giroux, with Coderre saying that (and this is my translation so francophones will excuse me if I don't get it exactly correct):

"Marc was not always Liberal, he followed a different path, which shows that we are an open and inclusive party. We need people like Marc Giroux, we need people like Claude Morin."

Using these two candidates as a yard-stick, I would say it is clear that we probably have not seen the last of Liberal candidates in Quebec with ties to either the ADQ or the PQ/BQ.


Steve V said...

You're doing a fantastic job on the candidate front.

Anonymous said...

Wait for a big candidate announcement to come out of the PLCQ congress in octobre. Outremont Jeanne Leber et Ahuntsic still open !