Thursday, August 20, 2009

Julie Bourgeois for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

For all my talking about nomination news, I have so far been sparing in specific endorsements for candidates, so far only making two specific endorsements; Scott Bradley in Ottawa Centre, of course, as well as Judith Cane in Ottawa-Orleans. However, after following the candidates in the riding of G-P-R, a riding I have spent a decent amount a time in, I believe that Julie Bourgeois is the best candidate to win back the riding for the Liberals.

Why have I decided to support Julie? While all the other candidates are qualified individuals who have been campaigning hard and want to take back the riding for the Liberals as much as the next, Julie has specifically laid out ideas on not only how to take the riding back, but what she would do as an MP, focusing on the real issues of the riding, and using liberal solutions to fix social and economic issues within the riding. I see in Julie the same commitment to community and community based solutions that I see in Scott Bradley, and I believe that with Liberal candidates like these, we can paint the Ottawa area Liberal red.

Julie's own get to know page says it well:

When I think of agriculture, I don’t think of complex globalization theories.
I’m reminded of my paternal grandfather who owned a dairy farm in St-Albert.

I think of my maternal grandfather who owned a dairy farm up the Ste-Catherine line.

I’m reminded of all the times I helped with the harvest at the Dicaire farm or when I helped feed the calves at my aunt Estelle's or Georgette's.

I know what manual labour feels like.

When I think of business, I remember helping to build my parent’s business “Boutique Le Tournesol” which I managed during my teenage years.

“Small enterprise” are not just words for me, I have lived the challenges of a small business with my family.

When I think of social issues I’m reminded of the things I see at work every day: marital abuse, crime that leads to poverty, unemployment and dropping out of school.

I’m reminded of the difficulties faced by families dealing with mental illness, of the things I saw as a teenager working at the Champagne Residence in Vars, and as a member of the Royal Hospital’s board of trustees.

Most of all, I think of the importance of volunteers like the people I was privileged to work with at the Embrun community centre. Those amazing individuals for whom giving is more important than receiving.

You’ll understand when I tell you I don’t fear adversity; having been the first girl to play on a boy’s hockey team in Embrun.

Finally, I am defined by my roots, by the love of my family, by the support of my friends by the satisfaction of a job well done and by the community where I grew up.
Without all of you, I would not be a candidate.

Now’s the time for a new beginning!
Now’s the time for our party,
Now’s the time for our community,
Now’s the time for Glengarry, Prescott and Russell,
Now’s the time for us.

I am Julie Bourgeois, candidate for the Liberal nomination in your riding.

I believe Julie Bourgeois is the type of candidate Liberals need, bringing a combination of real world experience, social compassion, and understanding of the value of enterprise, and a vision for a better Canada.

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