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Impressive endorsements for Scott Bradley

This taken from a Facebook note:

August 23, 2009"I had never been involved in the political process until I signed up to support Scott Bradley in the 2007 nomination. Like many of Scott's supporters, I actively supported Penny Collenette in the last election campaign, and put a Liberal sign on my lawn for the first time. This time around, I look forward to seeing Scott's name on that sign. Scott's passion for our community is infectious, and his energy is enough to win over even the most cynical voter. Scott will be a great MP for Ottawa Centre."
Patricia Barr, Director of Community Relations, Wallspace Gallery; Member, St. George's School Parent Council

Friends,This is just a short note to let you know this is the final weekend to join the Liberal Party in order to be eligible to vote for the next Federal Liberal Candidate here in Ottawa Centre. All new and renewing members must be signed up by Monday, August 24th.

I am proud to work, volunteer and coach alongside so many of you. It's been energizing to meet new supporters over the course of this campaign, to hear about the issues that matter to you most, and to see how many people are excited about supporting me and getting involved in the future of Ottawa Centre.

My campaign embraces the spirit and interests of residents in this community. This is a race not just for the Liberal nomination, but for the restoration of a Liberal M.P. representing Ottawa Centre in Parliament. It is about who is best able to connect with the thousands of people in this community that have left the Liberal Party in recent years.

As one of Canada's most diverse ridings, we must bring a mix of voices back to the Liberal party. This means reaching out to parents with young families, seniors, small-business owners, young and established professionals, the GLBT community, members of the growing communities of new Canadians, as well as long-time Liberals who have seen both the good times and the tough times in this riding.

This is a formula that has worked well in Ottawa Centre for Paul Dewar and the NDP. As your candidate, I will work to win back every corner of our riding for Liberals and the liberal-minded people of Ottawa Centre. We need to convince voters who haven't been voting Liberal to change their minds-and change their votes. Liberals win Ottawa Centre federally and provincially when we present hard-working, grassroots candidates who reach out to all of these communities.

Ottawa Centre needs a solid, committed and hard-working candidate that can relate to the average voter and fight for their issues; I believe that I am the only Liberal candidate who offers a new and viable option for voters in this next election.

Please read on below for a sampling of people who support my campaign. Some may be names you recognize, others are people you will encounter on the street, behind the counter, as a signature on a painting at a local gallery, or at the arena on a Saturday morning. Some of these individuals are people who haven't voted Liberal the past few elections, but who believe in my campaign and in the direction we want to take this riding.

Many thanks for your support - I look forward to when we next meet!


Please encourage your friends and neighbours to join the growing number of supporters of Scott Bradley's campaign: sign up before Monday, August 24th at!

Here's what residents of Ottawa Centre are saying about Scott Bradley:

"I am proud to endorse Scott Bradley in his bid for the Liberal Candidate nomination for Ottawa Centre. I identify with Scott's desire to create a stronger vision for Ottawa and the National Capital Region, and as a small business owner I have seen the changes in both the size and demographics of Ottawa. Change is needed to allow our community to remain vibrant, and Scott is the best candidate to bridge old traditions and new visions in Ottawa Centre."

Monica Gallivan, Owner, Red Chair Kids, Wellington West Business Area

"I have known Scott for many years. I know first hand of his commitment to the Liberal Party of Canada through his years of working on many national and local campaigns. He is a tireless campaigner and a strong and vocal proponent of liberal principles and the Liberal Party. I am also very familiar with his commitment to his family and this community. A respected business person, Scott is a passionate advocate for positive change, a local coach and volunteer, and a generous musician whose talents benefit many local charities."

Herb Metcalfe,Ottawa Centre Liberal

"I ardently support Scott Bradley for the Ottawa-Centre Federal Liberal nomination. Scott is a hard working grassroots Liberal with strong connections to our community. His fresh ideas and new approaches enable him to connect with the current and next generation of voters in Ottawa-Centre, representing a strong Liberal alternative to Paul Dewar."

Mackenzie Johnson, Youth Chair, Ottawa-Centre Federal Liberal Association; Membership Secretary, Ottawa-Centre Provincial Liberal Association; Past-President, Ottawa-Centre Federal Young Liberals; Past-President, University of Ottawa Young Liberals

"I am supporting Scott Bradley to be the Liberal candidate for Ottawa Centre because I believe he has the personality, drive and ability to win back the riding. As co-chair of the last campaign I know how hard this fight will be. Scott is politically astute, committed to Liberal principles, knowledgeable about and involved with riding issues, and an experienced campaigner. If our goal is to win the riding, Scott is the candidate to do it."
Pat O'Brien, Grandfather; former Co-chair, Penny Collenette Campaign and Financial Agent for the Ottawa Centre Federal Liberal Association

"As Treasurer of the Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association, I strongly endorsed Scott Bradley as our new Association President. While working with him on Association matters, I have never had reason to doubt that decision. He cares about the neighbourhood I live in, the city that I live in and the country that I live in. He is engaged, concerned and involved in issues that are important to all Canadians. I intend to actively campaign on his behalf in his run for the Liberal nomination in Ottawa Centre. I am very proud to support him."

Sara Nixon, Treasurer, Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association

"Having worked on countless campaigns and party fundraisers with Scott, I have absolutely no reservations about endorsing him as the candidate. Scott is exactly the type of person that Canadian politics is in need of."

Hon. Joe Jordan P.C., Former MP for Leeds-Grenville; Ottawa Centre resident

"Scott embodies the spirit and drive that we need for a vibrant riding like Ottawa Centre. I believe that his friendly down-to-earth nature is exactly what the voters in this riding are looking for."Jay Lawrence, CEO, Infonium Inc.; 2009 OBJ Forty under 40 Recipient

"Anyone who knows the riding of Ottawa Centre knows just how dynamic its voters are; they demand the best and they deserve the best. With this in mind, I knew right away that Scott Bradley was the right candidate to represent the Liberals. Scott knows and understands our riding because he has dedicated his time to getting to know Ottawa Centre. He has been working with us on the ground on many election campaigns and has a close and personal relationship with the voters in this riding. I am extremely proud to support someone as dedicated and genuine as Scott Bradley, and as a fellow campaigner and friend, I know he will represent the riding well as the Liberal Candidate and future MP."

Danielle McGeeVice-President Organization Ottawa Centre Federal Liberal Association; Executive Vice-President, Ottawa Centre Federal Young Liberal Association; Canvass Manager, Penny Collenette Campaign 2008; Candidate Aide, Yasir Naqvi Campaign 2007

"While I always strive to make an informed choice in elections, I have never gotten involved in politics or committed myself to a particular party. Now I am joining the Liberal Party of Canada for the first time in support of Scott's campaign. I look forward to volunteering for Scott and the Liberal Party in the next election. His is the kind of voice that this riding and this country need."
James McClure, Doctoral candidate, University of Ottawa; new Ottawa Centre resident"

I have known Scott for a number of years and I find his energy and passion with regard to the public good indispensable to the new politics that Liberals will herald. Scott will be a great, knowledgeable and accessible MP for Ottawa Centre."
Jide Afolabi, Lawyer, Aboriginal Negotiations and International Trade

"Scott is passionate, energetic, and most importantly a loyal person who is always willing to contribute to the community. He accurately represents the new direction of the Liberal Party rather than part of the old establishment. He is committed to educating others on the issues of the Liberal Party and the relevance and importance of these issues to our everyday lives."
Donna Matheson, Community Volunteer and local Recreation Centre Board Member

"I know Scott Bradley to be a passionate, hard-working and honest man and as such he is the candidate that can win back Ottawa Centre for the Liberal Party. Scott cares deeply for the community and has a unique ability to communicate across generations and demographics to connect will people from all walks of life."
Jason Bellaire, Owner, J-Squared Design; Member, Board of Directors, Hintonburg Community Association; Community Outreach Director, Little Voice Big Sound

"Scott Bradley has always shown a genuine appreciation of the arts. I am always grateful for his encouragement and interest in my own artwork, and the work of all Canadian artists. It is the supportive voice this growing artistic community needs."
Andrew King, Local Artist; Ottawa Centre resident

"As the owner of a small business in the heart of Ottawa Centre ... I can with confidence speak to the exceptional character and dynamic energy Scott brings to the table. As a father and socially conscious member of this community, I believe Scott Bradley is a person who has led by example and can't wait to see him at the helm as the Liberals represent Ottawa Centre through this next election."
Sean Copeland, Owner and 4th generation licensed funeral director, The Whelan Funeral Home

"Scott cares about his community and encourages his friends and colleagues to do the same. Whether he's coaching at the local hockey rink or soccer field or performing music for charity, Scott strives to make Ottawa Centre a better place for us all to live."

Sandra Gage, Director of Business Development, Canadian Soccer Association; Ottawa Centre resident.

"I believe Scott-as a devoted father, volunteer and coach-is well connected to the issues and concerns of the residents of Ottawa-Centre. The Liberals need a new face and a new voice, and I believe Scott will be a solid candidate for us in the next election."
Chris Ralph, Policy Director, Ottawa-Centre Federal Young Liberals; Director, Carleton University Young Liberals

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