Friday, August 14, 2009

What have the Tories done for Toronto?

Last election, in the riding of Don Valley West, the federal Conservatives came out with a piece of lit which many felt was one of the better pieces of the last election. In a riding which arguably was the Tories best shot at winning a seat in Toronto proper, the piece said merely on the front "What have the Conservatives done for Toronto, anyway?" on a plain blue background, with no sign of party affiliation.

When opened, the piece was revealed to be a Tory ad, and it listed the different investments the Conservatives had made in the city, playing off the supposed hostility of the Conservatives to the city, and attempting to disprove it.

However, after John Baird's "Fuck Toronto" comment earlier this summer, it seems the Tories are delievering a big fat zilch to the GTA:

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Jim Flaherty suggest that Ontario was a dreadful place to invest at one point? I'm sure that helped Toronto a great deal as well.