Thursday, August 13, 2009

NDP Policy proposals leaked

Dunno if it was accidently on purpose leaked just to generate buzz, since there isn't that much that is that controversial, but here you go:

Some highlights:

-A proposal to make a 32 hour work week.
-An immediate halt to all public-private partnership projects the federal government is involved in.
-The nationalization of all major banks and the management of said banks being run by workers councils.
-The nationalization of the Big 3 auto companies and the management of the Big 3 put into the trust of community councils.
-Withdrawing all federal support for nuke power.
-A $16 minimum wage.
-Withdrawing from NAFTA, WTO, FTA, FTAA, and the GATT.
-Freeing Leonard Pelltier.
-The repeal of the Clarity Act (which interesting does not come from a Quebec riding, but from Davenport).

Yup, regardless of if they drop the "New" or not, the NDP grassroots is still firmly 30 years behind the times.


Brian Finch said...

That will get them elected. I can be left leaning, but I'd never go that far. With a platform like that, they be left only with their hard core supports and the others will move to Green or Liberal. In my view.

The Liberal Scarf said...

In fairness, I was cherry-picking the most radical left-wing ones, some of the policies wouldn't look out of place in a Liberal policy book or even a Tory one.

Jay said...

I'd love those changes but the country would go completely down the shitter. Much the same way its going down the shitter now just in the opposite direction. Counter clockwise.