Monday, August 10, 2009

Very interesting nomination news out of Ottawa Centre

I have had more than a couple Conservative friends of mine tell me that Bruce Kyereh-Addo, who was wrongfully disqualifed by a CUSA Electoral Board stacked with supporters of the pro-CFS slate after he rightfully was elected CUSA President with 1744-1569 votes over Erik Halliwell is pursuing the federal Conservative nomination for the riding of Ottawa Centre.
I was proud to support Bruce when he ran for CUSA President, and while I will be supporting the Liberal candidate in Ottawa Centre, I am glad to see that Bruce is continuing to seek an active role in public life. When Bruce ran, he had both Liberals and Conservatives in his corner, and I can only hope that his team-building skills results in an Ottawa Centre campaign that is more focused on the real issues than crass partisanship.


Dean Tester said...

You certainly aren't going to be the only campus Liberal put in the predicament of choosing between their party and a good friend. As long as we take it to the dippers, it's all good ;)

Brandon said...

Honestly, Red or Blue is better than the Orange dot we have in the center of our city. I think the big question is if we will see former Liberals starting to see the Conservative Party as the new Big Tent Center Party.

And I agree with Dean that as long as we stick it to those CFS-supporting dippers a lot of Conservatives in Ottawa Center support Yasir Naqvi (also a Carleton student until recently) because he is the stronger candidate to beat out the dippers and I hope we will see a similar situation with Bruce.

Bruce is going to be the man who takes back Ottawa Center!