Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. video games (and jobs)

In honour of Anime North, which is sharing a convention centre with the PC's this weekend, I thought I'd highlight an example of Ontario investment in creating jobs in the high tech sector, such as Ubisoft investing in an Ontario and creating almost 1000 jobs.

McGuinty called digital media "a new kind of manufacturing" that is worthy of support to build a more diversified, knowledge-based economy.

"This is an anchor investment ... it will catapult us a great distance forward," the Premier said.

He noted the investment will help keep graduates of local community college computer animation and similar programs from leaving the area, which is already the third-largest digital media hub in North America.

"Rather than the brain drain ... the opening of Ubisoft Toronto is all about a brain gain," said Yannis Mallet, chief executive of the company's Montreal and Toronto operations.

Tim Hudak is against video games, and Ontario jobs in growing sectors of the economy.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. the safety of Ontario families

While Liberals focus on creating jobs and growing the economy (The headline of the Windsor Star today read "Green energy wave powers job upswing) Tim Hudak's reckless rookie scheming hit a new low by declaring that he was in favour of 6,000 convicted criminals "raking leaves" and "picking up gum wrappers" 40 hours a week, every week, in the parks and playgrounds where our children and grandchildren play.

Ontario families deserve to know they have safe communities, and Hudak's radical rookie recklessness would put safety and security of our families at risk.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. Canadian teams

Not quite as serious as my previous postings.

Tim Hudak vs. health care

Tim Hudak on health care, yesterday:

"I know how important our health services truly are…healthcare will be our top funding priority"

That's interesting, but let's take a look at what Mike Harris had to say about health care spending in 1995 before he got elected:

"We will not cut health care spending. It’s far too important." (1995 PC platform, pg 7)

That PC promise to not cut important health care spending ended up with unchecked wait times, 28 hospitals shut down, and 6000 nurses fired, and Hudak personally lead the way as Parliamentary Assisstant to the Minister of Health. Tim Hudak's reckless rookie scheming can't hide his real record of slashing public health services that Ontario families deserve.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. his own record

Tim Hudak once said he'd fight the HST "tooth and nail" after being accused of flip-floping on the long record of PC support for a harmonized tax system, and now he has done a double-flip flop, by saying he wouldn't fight the HST at all, but would instead take $6 billion out of health care and education.

Even the Toronto Sun is taking on Hudoo economics, with Christina Blizzard saying today that Hudak's scheming numbers are "too wobbly to take to the bank."

At a time when Ontario's economy is turning the corner, Ontario families deserve stability and a plan to grow the economy and create jobs. Hudak's scheming and flip-floping on important issues like green jobs and tax reform would create instability and hurt investment, while at the same time turning the clock back on important improvements in health care and education.

Ontario families deserve better.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. Randall Denley

Tim Hudak has pushed aside an active nomination to appoint Randall Denley as PC candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean.

Tim Hudak is also hoping to push aside Denley's criticism of Hudak and his reckless rookie scheming, but as you can see below, Hudak is less successful:

In particular, it will be interesting to see how Hudak and Denley will be speaking from the same gospel on the economy and job creation:

"Hudak refuses to acknowledge it, but harmonizing sales taxes is good for business."
Dec 7, 2009

First Frank Klees demonstrates his lack of faith in Hudak's reckless scheming by investing his own money in FIT project, now Hudak's newest recruit is offside on the HST and job creation. Will Denley stand up for plans like the HST that are growing the Ontario economy and creating jobs for families, or will he allow Tim Hudak to recklessly play politics?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. Ontario jobs, Eastern Ontario edition

From Windsor to Ottawa, Ontario families & Ontario businesses are standing up to defend jobs created for families by private investment helped by the Ontario Liberal plan for jobs and growth against Tim Hudak's reckless rookie scheming:

A group of Ottawa businesses specializing in renewable energy technology is calling on Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak to reconsider his opposition to the McGuinty government’s green energy law.

Twenty area firms signed onto the letter dated Monday saying that the green energy economy is invigorating the manufacturing industry and creating well-paying jobs for skilled workers. They say Hudak’s pledge to scrap the Liberals’ green energy law would be “rash, imprudent, and cost thousands of jobs.”...

In the letter, released to the Citizen, the co-signers say the FIT program has proved to be both good job-creation policy and helps the province generate the electricity it will need in future. “The Green Energy and Green Economy Act generates economic activity, reduces pollution, and ensures that Ontarians will have power for the future,” the letter says. “It enables us to avoid the risk of blackouts.”

“Mr. Hudak, business seeks a stable economic climate for investment. Your Party’s decision has introduced uncertainty into Ontario’s economic future.”

Ontario families deserve economic security and jobs, and Ontario businesses deserve a stable economic climate in which they can grow the economy and create jobs and opportunity. Tim Hudak's is recklessly scheming to take jobs away from Ontario families and hurt the economy.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. jobs for Ontario families

Hudak has declared war green energy jobs for Ontario families, but Ontario is fighting back:

"[The PC Party] has declared war on this region with the insane announcement that it intends to snuff out thousands of local jobs, kill a new green energy industry for this hard-hit region and send us back to the environmental stone age...

The best thing the Windsor area has going for it, the emerging job-rich, exportoriented sector that is helping this region claw its way back from the economic abyss, would be decimated by Hudak...

Hudak's policy would incinerate 3,000 jobs already here or in the development pipeline and put us back to square one in terms of industrial diversification.

A week ago this former border guard from Fort Erie and Mike Harris cabinet minister was largely unknown in Essex County. He was Tim Whodat?

Now he's Timmy the Job Slayer, a reckless gunslinger who would kill the mega deal with Samsung, a global giant most countries would kill to have as an investor, even though he admits he doesn't have a clue how many hundreds of millions of dollars (or billions) it would cost to break the longterm contract."

Liberals are building economic security and stability for Ontario families, while Hudak and his reckless rookie scheming would cost Ontario families thousands of jobs and hurt the environment.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. Frank Klees on green energy

With the Hudak attack on Ontario's economy and jobs continuing today, one of Hudak's most senior MPP's demonstrated how little faith he really has in Hudak's wreckless rookie scheming.

Frank Klees, who finished in a close 2nd to Hudak in the PC leadership race sits on the board of an energy company that stands to make a tidy profit thanks to Ontario government investment in green energy.

A veteran MPP in [the PC] caucus stands to cash in on a green energy plan that his boss, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak, wants to scrap or pare back.

Klees sits on the board of Tribute Resources and holds stock options in the company based on information supplied in the MPP’s 2010 public disclosure statements.

“Klees is thumbing his nose at his rookie leader in support of the McGuinty Liberal plan for Ontario to replace dirty coal with clean energy and make the province a world leader in clean energy jobs and innovation,” the Liberal release states.

Frank Klees seems to understand that Ontario government policy has created an environment in which private companies can prosper, profit, and help create jobs and grow the economy. Tim Hudak should look to his example before he continues his attack on growing Ontario's industrial economy and creating new jobs for Ontario families.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hudak attack on Green Energy Act would cost Ontario jobs

But don't take my word for it. Windsor mayor Eddie Francis knows a thing or two about the challenges and opportunities faced by Ontario's industrial sector over the last few years, and what does he say about the Hudak attack?

"It would be hard to believe that anybody would come in and suggest that we're going to turn back the clock on job creation and economic diversification. We all know in this region that the Green Energy Act gave birth to the renewable energy sector in this province, and has created thousands and thousands of jobs."

I've got family roots in Windsor, and my family has been personally affected by the changing global economy. Liberals are investing in creating jobs for families in places like Windsor and across the province, and create a healthier environment for families and children.