Friday, May 20, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. his own record

Tim Hudak once said he'd fight the HST "tooth and nail" after being accused of flip-floping on the long record of PC support for a harmonized tax system, and now he has done a double-flip flop, by saying he wouldn't fight the HST at all, but would instead take $6 billion out of health care and education.

Even the Toronto Sun is taking on Hudoo economics, with Christina Blizzard saying today that Hudak's scheming numbers are "too wobbly to take to the bank."

At a time when Ontario's economy is turning the corner, Ontario families deserve stability and a plan to grow the economy and create jobs. Hudak's scheming and flip-floping on important issues like green jobs and tax reform would create instability and hurt investment, while at the same time turning the clock back on important improvements in health care and education.

Ontario families deserve better.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the other items in his illustrious record. Being part of Mike Harris's government, Mr. Hudak sold off the 407 to Spain and Quebec, participated in the Magna budget, and supported a hidden deficit in good economic times. He was fighting against the interests of Ontarians back then, and he is doing the same now. His record is a record of failure masked as success.