Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. video games (and jobs)

In honour of Anime North, which is sharing a convention centre with the PC's this weekend, I thought I'd highlight an example of Ontario investment in creating jobs in the high tech sector, such as Ubisoft investing in an Ontario and creating almost 1000 jobs.

McGuinty called digital media "a new kind of manufacturing" that is worthy of support to build a more diversified, knowledge-based economy.

"This is an anchor investment ... it will catapult us a great distance forward," the Premier said.

He noted the investment will help keep graduates of local community college computer animation and similar programs from leaving the area, which is already the third-largest digital media hub in North America.

"Rather than the brain drain ... the opening of Ubisoft Toronto is all about a brain gain," said Yannis Mallet, chief executive of the company's Montreal and Toronto operations.

Tim Hudak is against video games, and Ontario jobs in growing sectors of the economy.

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