Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. Full Day Kindergarten

Today, Ontario is announcing the last stage of the rollout of full day kindergarten. In a highly competitive, globalized, knowledge-based economy it is absolutely essential that Ontario invest in the younger generation to ensure that we build a powerful workforce that can compete and win against the best anywhere on this planet, and investments in families like FDK go a long way to securing Ontario jobs and strengthening our economy.

And up until last weekend, reckless rookie Tim Hudak wanted to scrap this program. But, in his slick, angry, and dark scheming unveiled over the weekend, Tim Hudak - just as he has on human rights, the HST, and creating Ontario jobs – has flip flopped.

What once was a “frill”, he now says he’ll keep. After saying he would “freeze” the program and create two-tier schools, he now says it would be “a mistake to disrupt its implementation”.

Despite his flip-flop, with a $10 billion dollar hole in the middle of his platform, important investments in Ontario families and the future of our economy like FDK would be at risk from Hudak’s reckless rookie schemes. The last PC government promised “funding for education will be guaranteed”, and Ontario families saw schools being closed, students locked out, and less investment in children.
Ontario must continue to keep moving forward with a solid plan for investment, not reckless rookie scheming and flip-flops.

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grahame said...

Full day kindergarten is working. Based on international test scores and evaluation, Ontario has one of the top 10 education systems in the world. Ontario’s education progress report has just been released. See it here: