Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. your wallet (and his own caucus)


Tim Hudak showed his recklessness with his flip-flops on the HST (Going from being in favour of it, to wanting to scrap it, to saying he would reduce it, to now keeping it), health care premiums (scrap them, keep them, scrap them, keep them but say how bad they are - can another promise to take billions out of health care be far behind?) and now Eco Fees.

Despite the PC government introducing waste management fees in 2002, Tim Hudak attacked the Liberals for committing to a safer toxic waste disposal process and a cleaner environment. Now he's saying the PC Party would hit your wallet for waste disposal, as his caucus flip-flops on what to do with the issue.

Garfield was not specific about how a new Tory program would pay to keep such products out of landfills if neither the consumer nor the producer were paying through so-called eco fees — but was adamant they would not be charged.

“On things like electronics we would be removing the eco fees,” Dunlop said.

“There would be no eco fees on any of the electronics portion.”

After Dunlop spoke, party officials clarified the cost of recycling such products would fall to taxpayers — and that PC MPP Ted Arnott was wrong last week when he said the party would maintain the producer-pay principle.

Introduce them, say you'll scrap them, then say you'll work with stakeholder, and finally say you'll hit the taxpayer wallet - on every big issue, Tim Hudak's reckless rookie scheming and flip-floping has exposed his weak leadership.

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