Monday, October 31, 2011

Young Liberals serve!

All this food was raised by Ottawa-area Young Liberals as part of the Trick or Eat campaign for the Ottawa Food Bank. Young Liberals from Carleton, U of O, Ottawa Centre, Ottawa-Vanier and beyond came out to help us, and a particular thanks goes out to Yasir Naqvi, MPP for Ottawa Centre for joining us.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New McGuinty cabinet is a strong, experienced team for Ontario

If you haven't seen it, here is the new Ontario cabinet:

Duncan - Deputy Premier, Minister of Finance
Bentley - Minister of Energy
Broten - Minister of Education
Matthews - Minister of Health
Meilleur - Community Safety/Corrections/Francophone Affairs
Gerretsen - Attorney General
Milloy - Community/Social Services/Government House Leader
Bradley - Environment
Takhar - Government Services
Best - Consumer Services
Gravelle - Natural Resources
Chan - Tourism
Duguid - Economic Development
Bartolucci - Northern Development & Mines
McMeekin - Agriculture
Wynne - Municipal Affairs/Aboriginal Affairs
Hoskins - Children & Youth
Murray - Training, Colleges & Universities
Sousa - Citizenship & Immigration
Jeffrey - Labour & Seniors
Chiarelli - Transportation/Infrastructure
Hoskins - Children & Youth Services

A leaner, experienced cabinet to help Ontario move forward together and confront challenges like health care negotiations, growing the economy, and investing in communities. On a personal note, I'm particularly happy to see my hometown MPP Charles Sousa back in as Citizenship and Immigration Minister, as well as Bob Chiarelli take on a big role at Transportation and Infrastructure.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My story of why I am voting Liberal

This is my personal story of broadly, why I am a Liberal, and more specifically to highlight the change and progress we've made in Ontario under Dalton McGuinty.

I remember during the 90's my parents getting the Harris taxpayer rebate. We were, and are a lower-middle class family, and things weren't always the easiest for us. But I remember very strongly what my parents said about getting the rebate, and what they were going to do with it. "We're going to donate this to the church for charity, because as rough as things can be for us sometimes, some other family out there that is relying on services for help just had that help cut to pay for this."

Fast-forward to 2006. My mother is diagnosed with breast cancer, but thanks to the investments in things like breast cancer screening under the McGuinty government, they catch it early. If we lived in a place without a strong public health system, the financial burden to our family would have been enormous, particularly with myself starting university the same year. But thanks to the McGuinty Liberal government supporting a strong public health system and investing in education, I was able to go to post-secondary while my mom got better. Now, conservatives would call this "socialism", they would call it "social engineering". Me? I think it is a mother being able to watch her son succeed in life. That's Liberal family values to me. That's moving forward. Together.

Please go out and vote today, to keep Ontario on the right track.

What people are saying about the Ontario Liberal plan

Here's a collection of quotes about the Ontario Liberal plan to move forward together:

"He is trying to build a healthier, greener, more prosperous and better educated province...McGuinty's experience in government will be needed in the coming years."
-Ottawa Citizen, October 4, 2011

"Mr. McGuinty sees himself as the education premier, with some justification. He has made good, incremental changes to education, improving standards, with results that will enhance competitiveness and productivity for Ontario."
-Globe and Mail, October 3, 2011

"McGuinty and the Liberals are the best choice for the next four years. Their record is a strong one and they are the only party with policies that try to come to grips with the global issues we face."
-Toronto Star, September 30, 2011

"As a country, as a province, as a community, we have a long way to go to realize our economic potential, but we're on the right track. As we've already said, a Liberal government is best for our region. Add to that a majority."
-Windsor Star, October 5, 2011

"Under the Liberals, more hospitals have been built...more doctors and nurses have been hired, emergency wait times are shorter and more surgeries...are being performed. Ontario has become a leading jurisdiction worldwide for the early detection and treatment of cancer, school marks are improving, there has been more investment in electrical power generation...The Liberals have delivered...and they're best positioned to deliver in the future."
-Sudbury Star, October 5, 2010

"...Dalton McGuinty's Liberals offer the best bet for Ontario's future... Moreover, we believe they are the most capable of preparing us for the economic hurricane blowing our way...we believe the Liberals bring the brightest hope."
-Waterloo Record, September 30, 2011

"We believe that the Liberals are in the best position to help us retain the values that make Ontario one of the best places on earth to live."
-Barrie Advance, September 30, 2011

"All in all, the Liberals have done a credible job managing the province through a tumultuous period...the Liberals are the best option to govern Ontario for the next four years."
-Hamilton Spectator, October 5, 2011

Ontarians face a choice tomorrow, and only the Ontario Liberal Party will bring a strong team, an experienced leader, and a serious plan to grow the economy, create jobs, and protect our schools and public healthcare.

6 reasons to vote Liberal

Stole this shamelessly from a friend, but I really like it. Forward. Together. >

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hudak PC candidate: "Let's not lose our identity. I'm tired of taking a back seat where the once majority is seemingly now a minority."

Edit: I forgot to mention in the first post that this is Chatham-Kent-Essex PC candidate Rick Nicholls

In a letter in the editor of the Chatham Daily News on Febuary 27, 2008, this is what now Hudak PC candidate for Chatham-Kent-Essex had to say about multiculturalism and a diverse Ontario:

"To people of other ethnicities and who don't believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour...Let's not lose our identity. I'm tired of taking a back seat where the once majority is seemingly now a minority."

"I would like to remind my non-Christian-believing friends need to respect and remember that this is Canadian land and that you and/or your ancestors decided to live and conduct your form of worship here. You have your freedom of worship. Just don't try to mix it all in with our founding principles and say it is because of diversity"

"I don't agree with Mr. Hassan El Khodr, president of the Chatham-Kent Muslim Association, who said, "Since we all believe in God, we can keep it along those lines . . . I think the majority would accept as a fact that we are all believers. The way we believe . . . that's your own business."

Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddists, Hindus, etc., may all believe in God, but it is not the same god. And the God that this country of Canada was first founded on is the same God that the Lord's Prayer refers to."

"Don't try to impose your religious beliefs by watering down not only my personal religious beliefs, but the religious beliefs that Canada was founded on."

With the Hudak campaign first trying the xenophobia angle ( and now giving homophobia a shot (, it is clear that the PC's are grasping at straws to divide Ontarians to try and hide that they have no real plan on the economy

Monday, October 3, 2011

"The best choice for Ontario's challenges"

That's what The Globe & Mail says Dalton McGuinty's Ontario Liberal team is in this election. With the global economy still unsteady, and big challenges looming ahead like the federal-provincial healthcare negotiations, Ontario families deserve leadership they can trust.

As for Hudak?
"[Hudak's]campaign was surprisingly lacklustre...and [Hudak] will move too aggressively and is too dogmatic about smaller government when some public investment is needed...[Dalton McGuinty] took on the pharmacists, in the process saving the province millions on the cost of drugs. Mr. Hudak was on the wrong side of that argument. Mr. McGuinty joined with the federal Conservatives to introduce the HST, a measure that has enhanced the competitiveness of Ontario businesses. Mr. Hudak was on the wrong side of that argument too."

And Horwath?
"The New Democrats, under leader Andrea Horwath, are dangerously flawed, and if given an opportunity to influence policy, either in government or in a minority parliament, would wreak havoc on Ontario’s economy"

Voting Ontario Liberal on Oct 6th is the only way to have a strong, stable government that will create and protect jobs in an uncertain global economy while strengthening services families rely on.