Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My story of why I am voting Liberal

This is my personal story of broadly, why I am a Liberal, and more specifically to highlight the change and progress we've made in Ontario under Dalton McGuinty.

I remember during the 90's my parents getting the Harris taxpayer rebate. We were, and are a lower-middle class family, and things weren't always the easiest for us. But I remember very strongly what my parents said about getting the rebate, and what they were going to do with it. "We're going to donate this to the church for charity, because as rough as things can be for us sometimes, some other family out there that is relying on services for help just had that help cut to pay for this."

Fast-forward to 2006. My mother is diagnosed with breast cancer, but thanks to the investments in things like breast cancer screening under the McGuinty government, they catch it early. If we lived in a place without a strong public health system, the financial burden to our family would have been enormous, particularly with myself starting university the same year. But thanks to the McGuinty Liberal government supporting a strong public health system and investing in education, I was able to go to post-secondary while my mom got better. Now, conservatives would call this "socialism", they would call it "social engineering". Me? I think it is a mother being able to watch her son succeed in life. That's Liberal family values to me. That's moving forward. Together.

Please go out and vote today, to keep Ontario on the right track.

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michelle said...

I stumbled on this blog while googling sites for arguments for and against liberal. Thanks for posting!