Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New McGuinty cabinet is a strong, experienced team for Ontario

If you haven't seen it, here is the new Ontario cabinet:

Duncan - Deputy Premier, Minister of Finance
Bentley - Minister of Energy
Broten - Minister of Education
Matthews - Minister of Health
Meilleur - Community Safety/Corrections/Francophone Affairs
Gerretsen - Attorney General
Milloy - Community/Social Services/Government House Leader
Bradley - Environment
Takhar - Government Services
Best - Consumer Services
Gravelle - Natural Resources
Chan - Tourism
Duguid - Economic Development
Bartolucci - Northern Development & Mines
McMeekin - Agriculture
Wynne - Municipal Affairs/Aboriginal Affairs
Hoskins - Children & Youth
Murray - Training, Colleges & Universities
Sousa - Citizenship & Immigration
Jeffrey - Labour & Seniors
Chiarelli - Transportation/Infrastructure
Hoskins - Children & Youth Services

A leaner, experienced cabinet to help Ontario move forward together and confront challenges like health care negotiations, growing the economy, and investing in communities. On a personal note, I'm particularly happy to see my hometown MPP Charles Sousa back in as Citizenship and Immigration Minister, as well as Bob Chiarelli take on a big role at Transportation and Infrastructure.

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