Monday, May 16, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. Ontario jobs, Eastern Ontario edition

From Windsor to Ottawa, Ontario families & Ontario businesses are standing up to defend jobs created for families by private investment helped by the Ontario Liberal plan for jobs and growth against Tim Hudak's reckless rookie scheming:

A group of Ottawa businesses specializing in renewable energy technology is calling on Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak to reconsider his opposition to the McGuinty government’s green energy law.

Twenty area firms signed onto the letter dated Monday saying that the green energy economy is invigorating the manufacturing industry and creating well-paying jobs for skilled workers. They say Hudak’s pledge to scrap the Liberals’ green energy law would be “rash, imprudent, and cost thousands of jobs.”...

In the letter, released to the Citizen, the co-signers say the FIT program has proved to be both good job-creation policy and helps the province generate the electricity it will need in future. “The Green Energy and Green Economy Act generates economic activity, reduces pollution, and ensures that Ontarians will have power for the future,” the letter says. “It enables us to avoid the risk of blackouts.”

“Mr. Hudak, business seeks a stable economic climate for investment. Your Party’s decision has introduced uncertainty into Ontario’s economic future.”

Ontario families deserve economic security and jobs, and Ontario businesses deserve a stable economic climate in which they can grow the economy and create jobs and opportunity. Tim Hudak's is recklessly scheming to take jobs away from Ontario families and hurt the economy.

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