Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. Randall Denley

Tim Hudak has pushed aside an active nomination to appoint Randall Denley as PC candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean.

Tim Hudak is also hoping to push aside Denley's criticism of Hudak and his reckless rookie scheming, but as you can see below, Hudak is less successful:


In particular, it will be interesting to see how Hudak and Denley will be speaking from the same gospel on the economy and job creation:

"Hudak refuses to acknowledge it, but harmonizing sales taxes is good for business."
Dec 7, 2009

First Frank Klees demonstrates his lack of faith in Hudak's reckless scheming by investing his own money in FIT project, now Hudak's newest recruit is offside on the HST and job creation. Will Denley stand up for plans like the HST that are growing the Ontario economy and creating jobs for families, or will he allow Tim Hudak to recklessly play politics?

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