Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tim Hudak vs. jobs for Ontario families

Hudak has declared war green energy jobs for Ontario families, but Ontario is fighting back:

"[The PC Party] has declared war on this region with the insane announcement that it intends to snuff out thousands of local jobs, kill a new green energy industry for this hard-hit region and send us back to the environmental stone age...

The best thing the Windsor area has going for it, the emerging job-rich, exportoriented sector that is helping this region claw its way back from the economic abyss, would be decimated by Hudak...

Hudak's policy would incinerate 3,000 jobs already here or in the development pipeline and put us back to square one in terms of industrial diversification.

A week ago this former border guard from Fort Erie and Mike Harris cabinet minister was largely unknown in Essex County. He was Tim Whodat?

Now he's Timmy the Job Slayer, a reckless gunslinger who would kill the mega deal with Samsung, a global giant most countries would kill to have as an investor, even though he admits he doesn't have a clue how many hundreds of millions of dollars (or billions) it would cost to break the longterm contract."

Liberals are building economic security and stability for Ontario families, while Hudak and his reckless rookie scheming would cost Ontario families thousands of jobs and hurt the environment.

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Gabriel Dzsurdzsa said...

A new era of isolationism has descended upon Ontarians. Hudak and his cronies have decided to implement policies that would negatively impact the job market in Canada's most populous province. I would even go as far as to say that the conservative economic agenda was narrow-minded and isolationist to begin with.