Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pre-pride week nomination news

Some Mississauga news, with city councillor Sue McFadden going after the Tory nod for Mississauga-Streetsville, the former riding of floor crossing MP Wajid Khan, who was defeated by Liberal Bonnie Crombie in last year's election. Mississauga municipal politics tend to be pretty incumbant friendly, so it is interesting that McFadden, who is a newish councillor, would be making the jump away from municipal politics so soon. McFadden's campaign is also using the employ of Brad Butt, an old figure in Mississauga conservative circles, who ran as the Alliance candidate in Mississauga South in 2000, and was one of the figures going after the PC nod in Mississauga South last time around before Tim Peterson was handed the nomination by John Tory after crossing the floor. I also like how McFadden basically admits that the Tories only funnel money into ridings they hold:

"In the three years on Council I saw we were getting only scraps from the provincial and federal governments. I look at what Bob Dechert (Tory MP for Mississauga-Erindale, elected in 2008) has been able to deliver and I realized that I can better contribute to my community if I’m in Ottawa.”

Yeah, how dare the people of Mississauga South/East-Cooksville/Streetsville/Malton expect the government to help them in the recession when they dared to not vote Conservative. What do they think a recession is, an opportunity for the Conservatives to actually demonstrate that some things are more important that politics?

A commenter on the article I thought also made a funny point:

"McFadden: "I’m 52 years old, I maybe have eight more years of working.", clearly they aren't cut from the same cloth as Hazel."

Outside the GTA, the mayor of Brockton, Charlie Bagnato, will go after the Liberal nomination in Huron-Bruce. The seat had been held by socially conservative Liberal MP Paul Steckle but it was lost after Steckle retired to Tory Ben Lobb. Clinton doctor Martin Bokhout and internet school principle Deb Homouth are also seeking the Liberal nod.

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