Sunday, August 30, 2009

"69 is a Liberal position"

Had a great time today at the Ottawa Pride Parade. Having been to a few Toronto Pride Parades, but sadly missing the one this year, it was great to get a chance to celebrate the diversity of Ottawa, and to proudly represent the Liberal Party and the Scott Bradley nomination campaign. The crowd loved the "69 is a Liberal position" signs, with us in the parade leading quite a number of "69! 69!" chants. The local Greens and NDP also had a showing, although shockingly, simply shockingly, I didn't see the Conservatives, either federally or provincially, have a showing. The federal Tories I can understand not wanting to show their faces after the Pride-gate fiasco, but considering the PC's are running an out lesbian in a by-election right now, I kinda figured they would at least have something. Oh well.
After the parade I headed over to a Liberal Helpings BBQ hosted by Scott Bradley, and in addition to being inspired by the words of Michael Ignatieff, we enjoyed some delicious food. The nomination date apparently announced soon, with plenty more local campaign events to come.

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