Monday, August 31, 2009

Post-pride nomination news

Not a huge shock coming out of Mississauga-Streetsville for the Tories, with Liberal turned Conservative turned independent turned Conservative MP Wajid Khan declaring he will not be running again. With city councillor Sue McFadden declared for the Tory nomination, which will be held very shortly, on Sept. 11th, and McFadden apparently getting the nod from Harper himself, Khan wouldn't have much a chance. Khan apparently was present at the big Tory training conference a little while back, which fueled rumours he was looking to run again, but I think barring anything unexpected McFadden will win the nomination.
Sticking with the Conservatives and city councillors, John Koury, a North Cowichan councillor, won the contested Conservative nomination for the riding of Nanaimo-Cowichan, currently held by the NDP's Jean Crowder.
And the Liberals have lost a candidate in Quebec. Marc Giroux, who had been nominated in Mégantic-L'Érable, has withdrawn his candidacy in protest of Ignatieff speaking out about stoping Canada exporting asbestos, which is a major local issue and employer in the riding, as well as having symbolic influence across Quebec. Giroux said:

"I must be honest with myself, my family and my region. I can not support the position of Liberal Party on asbestos...For Thetfordois including myself, is a highly emotional issue because it affects us at the very root of what we are, the fundamental reason to exist in this city."

Both Tory incumbant and Quebec Lt. Christian Paradis and Bloc Quebecois have defended the exportation of asbestos since Ignatieff's remarks.

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penlan said...

An update on the Perth-Wellington riding. I finally heard from the Assoc. At this time there is no Liberal candidate & no one has filed nomination papers. Hmmm...