Monday, August 3, 2009

4 Liberal female Liberal candidates named, a possible election sign?

Christine Innes (Trinity-Spadina), Deborah Gillis (Halton), Margaret Black (Newmarket-Aurora) and Kimberley Love (Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound).

Innes and Love I believe were both actually already nominated, but Black and Gillis are interesting. Black had been in a contested nomination with Newmarket councillor Chris Emanuel, and if she has been acclaimed, than Emmanuel must have quickly and quietly dropped out, as his campaign website is still up and his twitter account still says he is running for the nomination.

Gillis is particularly interesting. I wrote very recently a blog post which touched on new news coming out of Halton, which named 3 names: 2007 provincial candidate Gary Zemlak as being interested, and Rohit Dhamija and Sheref El Sabawy already having the green light. Gillis was mentioned nowhere in the article, which was written on July 31st.

The article contains a quote by the riding President that is very interesting in light of Gillis being appointed:

Riding association president Steve Savage said there is no hurry to settle on a candidate as there is no election on the horizon.

Evidently Ignatieff must see at least the shape of an election on the horizon, unless he wouldn't have appointed a candidate (which I believe is the first time Ignatieff has used the leader's power to appoint, but I might be mistaken.)

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