Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nomination news, pre-going to Montreal edition

I'll be in Montreal for a day and a half starting tomorrow, so lets cover some stuff while we can.

The Berthier-Maskinongé Liberal nomination meeting will be tonight, and I believe former Liberal MNA Francine Gaudet will be acclaimed.

This article mentions a candidate for the Liberal nomination in Outremont I hadn't seen before, Comlan Amouzou. Some quick googling tells me he is the President of "Doctors of Elsewhere" (My French, while improving, isn't good enough to get a better translation than the one Google Translate gave me) which is an NGO dedicated to lobbying for foreign trained medical professionals.

According to this thread on rabble, former BC Green leader Stuart Parker, who was narrowly defeated for the provincial NDP nomination for the St. Paul's by-election, says that a run for the federal nomination in the same riding has has "been under discussion."

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