Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nomination news, early addition

A couple of Liberal nominations tonight, but here is some other news:

Micheal Crawford is running for the NDP in Kamloops – Thompson – Cariboo again. Crawford ran strong campaigns in both 2008 and 2006, but was unable to overcome the Tory candidate, even with a collapse of the Liberal vote in 2008. The article also says 2008 Green candidate Donovan Cavers will be the Green candidate again. No word on a Liberal yet.

Staying in BC and the NDP, David Murray, a parks and services employee with the City of Port Coquitlam has declared for the NDP nomination in Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission. The riding saw close NDP-Conservative races in 2004 an 2006, with the Tories narrowly holding, before expanding their lead on the back of a collapse in the Liberal vote, which saw the Liberals sink to 4th in the riding.

More from BC, this article describes Rachel Greenfeld as the "newly anointed" Tory candidate, as well as being critical of her statements that she doesn't need the support of the queer community to win the riding. Vancouver Centre has one of the largest gay communities in the country.

And getting out of BC, the Green nomination campaign in Guelph, arguably the most Green Party friendly riding in the country is starting to roll, with two candidate looking to replace Mike Nagy; Russell Ott, a 23 year old originally from Guelph and former class representitive at Brock U, and Bill Hulet, a U of G library employee and former Green candidate both federally and provincially.

The Liberal Quebec machine rolls on, with incumbant MP Massimo Pacetti was renominated in Saint-Léonard – Saint-Michel.

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