Thursday, September 17, 2009

Liberals cruse to victory in St. Paul's

Just got back from Eric Hoskins victory party. Hoskins and McGuinty both gave great speeches. For all the hype about "the Liberals facing a tight race" and "the HST having voters in an uproar", Eric Hoskins ran a good strong campaign, and the voters of St. Paul's saw through Tim Hudak and Sue Ann Levy's hypocrisy on the HST issue (one particularly good piece of lit from the Hoskins campaign featured numerous quotes by Hudak speaking in favour of an HST, and comparing these statements with critical articles from The Star and Maclean's saying that Hudak's flip flop on the HST was entirely manufactured outrage) and demonstrated that the PC's have yet to find a way to speak to urban voters. Eric Hoskins will be a great addition to an already strong Liberal team.

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