Thursday, September 3, 2009

Increasingly relevant nomination news

This article mentions Karen Mock and no other candidate as going after the Liberal nomination for Thornhill (and the Thornhill nomination facebook event page explictly mentions Mock) so I think Mock might be a pretty solid lock for a riding that has to be fairly high up on the Ontario target list. The article also says that "Thus far, the NDP (Simon Strelchik) and Green Party (Norbert Koehl) candidates have not changed.", which could mean either that both are planing on running again, or that neither the Greens nor NDP have found other candidates yet.
Former PEI Premier and 2008 Liberal candidate Keith Milligan will not be running for the Egmont nomination. Rumoured candidates include former nomination candidateAngie Cormier, Brenda Hackett, former president of the Liberal party in P.E.I., businessman Warren Ellis and Kelly Ellis, a former assisstant to former MP Joe McGuire. Interestingly this article omits the names of Matt McGuire, Joe McGuire's son, and Liberal MLA's Janice Sherry and Rob Henderson, who were previously rumoured to be considering a run.
And this will make commenter penlan happy, news out of Perth-Wellington. 2008 candidate and riding association president Sandra Gardiner won't be running again, but apparently:

"The Perth-Wellington Liberals have a potential candidate who has already filed nomination papers. Ms. Gardiner would not divulge the person's name.

"Once they pass the green light process we'll certainly be making that person's name public knowledge," she said.
There have been "musings" from others interested in running as well, she said.
And the Tories failed to recruit a star candidate in Quebec, as Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, President of the Association of Families with people killed or missing (the name sounds better in French) declined an offer to run for the Conservatives in an attempt to bolster their anti-crime stock. Boisvenu has also declined offers before from the Parti Quebecois and ADQ.
This article examines the readiness of the various parties in Manitoba, and identifies Bob Sopuck in Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette, taking over from the retiring Inky Mark and Wally Daudrich in Churchill for the Conservatives as being nominated, although I haven't seen anything to make these official. The article mentions that Winnipeg Centre NDP MP Pat Martin's nomination meeting on the 25th "has been cancelled due to the ongoing provincial leadership race. Martin says if there is a "snap election" he will have a "snap" nomination meeting." The provincial leadership race being the reason for cancelling is interesting, as more than a few people have suggessted that Martin might be interested in running for provincial party leadership.
The NDP in Thunder Bay-Superior North will hold a rolling nomination meeting on the 8th and 9th. Incumbant Bruce Hyer will almost certainly be acclaimed.

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