Thursday, September 3, 2009

Those troublesome "experts" derail another Tory talking point

The big Tory talking point right now is that an election would damage stimulus spending, wreck the economy, etc.

Inconvenient then, that the actually people who know what they are talking about shoot this talking point down.

Conservative warnings that an election could derail the recovery are being met with hoots of derision from the opposition and mostly skepticism from the experts who should know - economists..."The Canadian economy is the sum of a heck of a lot of decisions, by investors, by businesses, by consumers across Canada, in the U.S. and abroad, so how well the economy is going to do probably depends a lot more (on other factors) than what's going on in the electoral scene in Canada," said Finn Poschmann, an economist with the C.D. Howe Institute think tank.

The warnings may make for good politics, but they are in general bad economics, the economists say. At best, they may impact the economy in theory and on the margins, they add...However, the effect on Ottawa's $12-billion infrastructure stimulus designed to fight the recession would be minimal, if at all, he (TD Bank economist Don Drummond) added.
"This would affect only a certain type of infrastructure spending that was coming up for approval, but a lot of it would have already been approved, as the (government) said in their last report," he pointed out.

Of course, experts have also demolished Tory positions on climate change, crime, government accountability, isotopes, and others with little to no effect, so look to see plenty more of this talking point.

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