Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eastern Ontario news, and a star recruit in Quebec

City councillor Pat Warren looks to be acclaimed for the Liberals in Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock on Sept. 17th. HKLB was and generally is seen as being a safe Tory seat federally (the Liberals only won it in the 90's thanks to a divided right, usually only getting mid-30% support while the PC's/Reform-Alliance split the vote) and normally would be an afterthought, but it will be interesting to see if John Tory's disastrous foray into the riding provincially still has any negative local impact on the Tory brand.

The Ottawa area riding of Carleton-Mississipi Mills gears up, with 2008 candidates in different stages of debating running again. NDP candidate Paul Arbour is taking a pass, Jake Cole is thinking about running again, and Liberal Justin MacKinnon has yet to decide.
This article names a candidate for a high-profile Quebec riding. According to an article in Le Devoir, Ahuntsic was one of three Montreal ridings (alongside Outremont and Jeanne Le Ber) that would have high profile candidate appointments shortly before the election, and now it would seem that Bordeaux-Cartierville councillour Noushig Eloyan, of Vision Montreal will be the Liberal candidate in Ahuntsic. Eloyan formerly served as leader of the opposition on city council and borough mayor.

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