Friday, September 25, 2009

Outremont update

Conflicting reports, although it might just be Google mistranslating. According to this:, Cauchon has "won" Outremont and "Michael Ignatieff has indeed agreed to allow Martin Cauchon to carry the Liberal banner in Outremont"

However, this report says that it has only been agreed that "Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has decided to allow an open nomination contest in the prized Montreal riding of Outremont."

If someone's whose French is better could take a look at the first article and get a better translation, that would be good.


Loraine Lamontagne said...

This translator will tell you rule one - when something is badly written, it never looks better in translation. Bellavance's text is very weak.

"Michael Ignatieff a en effet accepté de permettre à Martin Cauchon de porter la bannière libérale dans Outremont" -

Translated literally, Michael Ignatieff has indeed agreed to allow Martin Cauchon to carry the liberal banner in Outremont.

I don't read this as being allowed to seek the nomination. I read this as Cauchon will be the Liberal candidate in Outremont.

william said...

Indeed he has been named by the leader as our candidate in Outremont, with Mme. Le Prohon getting the nod in Jeanne-Le-Ber.

Savant said...

Try this instead

Loraine Lamontagne said...

On the other hand, the Globe and Mail says Cauchon will be allowed to run for the nomination.

This is embarassing. Is there someone at the LPC?

The Liberal Scarf said...

Thanks Savant, had a brain-failure on HTML. I'm also glad to hear that Le Prohon will have a spot. Caught up in all the fuss was that she looks to be a strong candidates.