Monday, September 14, 2009

That great Tory accountability on the economy

That the Tories, and John Baird in particular, are economic mismanagers who abuse the public service and make a mockery out of any 2006 era claims to open and accountable government should be no surprise by now, but here we are:

Federal public servants at Transport Canada are routinely filing millions of dollars in expenses – including overtime, salaries and computers – toward a construction project that doesn't exist.
Further, The Globe and Mail has learned that public servants who object to the scheme are routinely overruled by their managers...Though the pipeline remains in limbo, the department has kept the fund alive year after year, using it to cover millions in expenses that have nothing to do with the pipeline...

"To fictitiously spend money on a project that's not going anywhere, I don't think is appropriate,” said captain Daniel Slunder, who has spent most of his career working at Transport Canada's Ottawa headquarters.

Baird apparently is going to launch a probe, and given past Tory internal examinations, I think we can start the countdown towards the Tories lambasting "Liberal appointed bureaucrats" and call it a day.


Big Winnie said...

You're correct, Liberals will be blamed, even though the Cons have been in power for the last 3 years.

Toronto Condos said...

The bosses in charge of this should cough up the money back to the tax payer and then be fired. It's just ridiculous to see this happening. Thanks for sharing the article.

Take care, Elli