Sunday, May 17, 2009

Way to do outreach, Ontario PC's

My entry for the Positive Politics Challenge:

Considering the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, as a job, has a decent chance of being Premier, and the party has been down in the polls and is looking to re-energize itself, you'd figure the party would be tripping over itself to engage the grassroots, and have a high profile leadership race with an open exchange of ideas to generate interest in the party.

Well, I guess not.

That's right folks, for the sheer privilege of watching Randy Hillier and Frank Klees duke it out about who hates abortion and gays more, you are not only not guaranteed a spot, but you have to cough up $10.

We've already seen with such policies being thrown around as attacking Ontarians human rights and legalizing discrimination and dividing Ontario at a time in which we need togetherness, but now, the PC's are openly and proudly showing a closed door to the citizens of Ontario. Elitism and antagonism are the orders of the day from the Ontario PC's right now.

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