Saturday, May 23, 2009

Randy Hillier and the Ontario PC's: Only white, rural, anglophones hetrosexual males are allowed to be victims!

My entry for the YLC Positive Politics competition:

I've talked previously about the stance of several PC leadership contenders who are seemingly more interested in dividing Ontario than delivering ideas about how to move the economy forward, and Randy Hillier continues the trend:
The overtness of Hillier's message, coming from a man who has not hesitated to use civil disobedience in the past, and who has been arrested, to criticize First Nations protesters for using similar tactics, is stunning that he is rapidly becoming a power player in a mainstream political party in 2009. Given Hillier's other positions on anyone who isn't a white, rural, heterosexual male anglophone are already well known, it will be very interesting to see what kind of deal the eventual PC winner strikes with Hillier for either his support on the balloting, or to acknowledge his position as a power-broker within the party.

Some other Hillier hits, soon to possibly become Ontario PC policy?
Working towards eliminating French in Ontario.
Legalizing discrimination.
Infringing on the personal rights of consenting adults.

Amongst others. Randy Hillier and the Ontario PC's are in a race to see which candidate can promise the most regressive and divisive policy.

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