Thursday, May 14, 2009


This article is notable for a couple reasons:

One, Harper embracing ever increasing deficits with no plan to get the country out of them beyond keeping his fingers crossed that the economy magically recovers some way, some how. While Harper's wheels spinning in the face of his own economic mismanagement has been a recurring theme for the last few months, this quote by Baird is a bit of a head scratcher:

"This government is not satisfied with the layers of bureaucracy and agreements that tied up infrastructure projects," he said.

Now, I may only be a third year undergraduate studying the civil service, but I am pretty sure, at least to a degree of little things like ministerial accountability for the actions of a department, and that, you know, the civil service is part of the government, albeit in theory arms length from the elected officials.

But with Baird's statement here, we seemingly have the government, blaming the government, for the failures of the government. Conservative inaction at work, folks.

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