Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ottawa-Orleans Liberal nomination

Two candidates have declared for the Liberal nomination in the riding of Ottawa-Orleans, local business woman Judith Cane, and local city councillor Rainer Bloess. Ottawa-Orleans is a traditionally Liberal riding, but ever since 2006, has been represented by Royal Galipeau, an ex-Liberal taken from the riding of Ottawa-Vanier, and who still does not live in the riding.

I canvassed extensively in Ottawa-Orleans last election, (even spending e-day trying to pull votes) but unfortunately, the riding could not be won. However, with two candidates running, both of whom I believe are well qualified, the Liberal Party can take this riding back.

However, I must confess I have a preference in this nomination battle. While Con. Bloess is to be applauded for this firm standing as a member of the fiscally responsible wing of Ottawa city council, and whose local ties and experience would make him a great candidate should he win, I believe that Judith Cane is ultimately a better candidate. A local businesswoman, Cane would give the Liberal Party a much needed boost on the economy issue, which is shaping up to be the critical issue of the next election. Furthermore, I believe Cane fills a gap in the Liberal Party, of showcasing women who can be high-profile spokespersons on the economy. While I might not be able to vote for her (I live in Ottawa Centre), I encourage all Liberals within the riding of Ottawa-Orleans to support her, and help Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party of Canada take back the riding of Ottawa-Orleans.


Lisa Larter said...

Judith Cane is great friend of mine, your post is great, thank you for supporting her.

Darrell said...

Recently heard that Lawyer David Bertschi also plans to run for the nomination. He'd be a great candidate.

Angela Sutcliffe said...

Couldn't agree more. Judith has proven her leadership in the community many times over. A new pair of eyes and some fresh ideas -just what is needed in changing times.