Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thanks Tories!

The new hilarious Tory attack ads are out....attacking Ignatieff for using attack ads. Oh, and for not being in Canada his whole life (wonder how well that will go down in immigrant communities). The best part is the attack ads actually help promote Liberal talking points. For a full 5-6 seconds of the 30 second clip, they show an anti-Harper ad (that I think is actually a Grit Girl one and not an offical one, although I could be wrong), completely undermining the idea that the Conservative have the advantage on the economy issue. A look over here: http://gerrynicholls.blogspot.com/2009/05/tory-tv-spot-misses-mark.html in the comments section shows that even Conservative loyalists are dissing the ad. So far it looks like this one has "backfire" written all over it.


Babylonian777 said...

Fair is fair, and I take your point in regards to these not being the most hype kind of ads............but..............if we the cons had a potential leader who was out of the country for 30 + years, you would be all over him/her like a maggot on $hit.

Just putting things in perspective.

The Liberal Scarf said...

We also wouldn't have driven the country into deficit with pointless tax cuts and wild spending and then accuse the opposition of not being strong on the economy.

Just putting things in perspective.

Cari said...

How dare they say the Liberals do not know how to run the economy. We have more real economists, than Harper will ever be.
At least Ignatieff is well known for his work worldwide..Cons are jealous.

wilson said...

From 2001-2005 (as stated by the courts) the Liberal government was in deficit,
but used the $54 Billion raided from the EI fund to fake surpluses.
Just putting things into perspective.

Anonymous said...

But we do have a PM that spent a lot of time making speeches at American Think Tanks (members Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld) running down his own country.

It would be great to have a PM that is worldly again - one who has international recognition. What a bonus.

Anonymous said...

while I am a card holding LIberal and was at the Montreal convention, one of the problems I'm having with some Liberals is the b&w thinking.

MI was out of the country for more than 30 of his adult years. That's just a fact. Now I know if can be spun this was or that way. But it's a fact.

I know MI, worked for him and have high regards for him. I think he'll potentially be very good in the role as leader, but what is, is. Perhaps better not give the 'attack' ads attention? Hmmm?

D from EL