Sunday, May 17, 2009

A story to tell

My entry for the Positive Politics challenge:

So it looks like EI remains a potential election issue:

As a narrative, and an issue for the Liberals to champion, EI I think is a very good option. The proposed changes the Liberals are calling for are a rare breed when it comes to economic related policy; it has both populist appeal, and makes economic sense. While the Tories usually champion policies that have the later, while dispensing the former, talking about EI in a responsible, level-headed fashion is a good way for the Liberal Party to re-affirm it's economic credentials.

Additionally, EI lends itself very well to the idea of a political campaign telling a story. While the Harper Conservatives are callously attacking Michael Ignatieff while infrastructure money sits still, and hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost, the Liberal Party must not be distracted, and must focus on telling the story of those hard-working Canadians. The people who need EI right now are not, as Mr. Harper seemingly thinks, welfare bums and beggars, but hard-working Canadians who are paying the price for Conservative economic mismanagement. We need to respond to the attack ads soon, with a message that, unlike the Conservatives, the Liberal Party is open to all segments of society, and is not in the business of letting decent, working Canadians out to dry. Let's get Canada working.

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