Friday, May 29, 2009

Those crazy left-wingers Brad Wall and Ed Stelmach call for EI reform

Interesting to see how the federal Tories spin this:

As long as McGuinty was the only Premier vocally calling for EI reform, Harper could at least try and spin it to the Tory base that it was just a Liberal calling for Liberal supported reforms, but now the Gordon Campbell, Brad Wall, and Ed Stelmach, all centre-right (at least fiscally) Premiers, and in the case of Wall and Stelmach, vocal federal Conservative supporters, it becomes significantly harder. The EI reform issue is not an issue that is owned by the left, right, or centre, or is a particularly regional issue, but it is a true national issue, and Harper seems content, as usual, to ignore national issues in favour of setting region against region, and Canadian against Canadian. The Liberals need to keep riding Harper over this, as it re-affirms his divisive mean streak, and gives Ignatieff a economic populist platform to campaign on.

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