Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dividing people a game Tories know well

My entry into the YLC positive politics contest:

I've blogged quite a bit recently about how the provincial PC leadership race has been dominated by wedge issues, focusing on dividing Ontarians than moving the economy forward. Well, the federal Tories have been playing from the same gamebook, as Ignatieff states I think well on the "I don't care" divisive streak Harper has, particularly his latest games with EI and the attack ads:

He said about two million Canadians live and work outside the country at any given time. Millions more are recent immigrants and new citizens.
“Are they any less Canadian than you are?” he asked.

“He takes one Canadian and sets them against another Canadian,” Ignatieff said.
“He takes the people who are in work, and he plays them against people who are out of work. That is the lowest game in politics, and we should stop it.”

Interestingly, and tellingly, the Tories talking points on the EI issue are pretty non-existent, other than standard rhetoric that was copy and pasted from any criticism of Liberal ideas, and the main line keeps being that Iggy is "just visiting". If the Harper Conservatives continue their tradition of economic mismanagement, a lot more Canadians will neet to "visit" the employment offices.

My Tory attack ad spoof:

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