Thursday, June 4, 2009

NDP sells out official bilingualism?

I was reading this: which is otherwise an unremarkable article about how the Bloc stands to target Ignatieff and the Liberals in Quebec, but this stands out:

On Wednesday a private members bill, C-307, put forward by Bloc MP Pierre Paquette, was voted down by the combined forces of the Conservatives and Liberals. The NDP supported the bill. What the bill sought to do was have Quebec's Charter of the French Language, often called Bill 101, applied to federally regulated businesses in Quebec such as banks or radio stations.

While having Bill 101 apply to federal agencies/regulated businesses in Quebec is a longstanding BQ rallying cry, but since when has the NDP supported it? Given that having federal business done in Quebec be in French only would basically void the idea of official national bilingualism, since when has the NDP been in favour of selling out one of the greatest things about Canada?

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√Čric said...

The NDP is merely showing due respect to the Quebec nation.