Friday, June 26, 2009

Liberal nomination news

More Liberal nomination news and rumours.

A name I forgot to add when I wrote my Ottawa Centre post was that of Isabel Metcalfe. Metcalfe was the Carleton-Mississipi Mills candidate in 2006, and briefly made a run for the Ottawa Centre nomination last time around. She is recognized as a formidable fundraiser.

In non-Ottawa Centre news:

François Cloutier, a worker in Ministry of the Attorney General and restaurant owner, and Marc Dupuis, a Town of Hearst councillor, have both declared in Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing.

Maria Pearson, a Stoney Creek councillor, is considering a run for Hamilton East-Stoney Creek, as is Ivan Luksic, a defeated nomination candidate from last time around. As I have written earlier, however, all signs point to Larry Di Ianna being the candidate again.

Former MLA and Miramachi Mayor John McKay has declared his candidacy for the Miramachi nomination.

Bob Speller, who was long interested in running again in Haldimand-Norfolk, has officially declared.

Another 2008 candidate will give it another go, as David Remington was the only candidate to put his name forward for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington.

In Newmarket-Aurora, former Aurora mayor and 2008 candidate Tim Jones has withdrew and endorsed a fellow mayor, King mayor Margaret Black.

Kimberley Love, who unsuccessfully tried to get the nomination for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound in 2008, has declared her intent to run again.

In a Quebec riding the Liberals should be looking at as a potential pick-up, a 3-candidate field is down to two, in Alfred-Pellan, with former MP Carole-Marie Allard withdrawing. The remaining candidates are Martin Houle, a civil servant (and whose background in economics related departments I think would make him a good candidate) and Angelo G. Iacono a lawyer and Italian community activist.

Anyone else hear any new rumours?


mrG said...

on the one hand, the appointment of a farm-girl turned farmer to the largely rural Bruce-Grey makes a great deal more sense than a self-styled 'computer consultant' with virtually no Googleprint. However, someone has to tell Kim Love to get with the twenty-first century. Just do a Google search for Kimberly Love, you get nothing. try kimberly love liberal and you get only press droppings, and this post.

That is not good. If someone can point Kim in my direction, please do, because elections these days, as the Greens demonstrate, are not won on competence and charm alone.

Anonymous said...

Check out

mrG said...

Oh I don't doubt she has a website, my point is that it is opaque to Google, unsharable to digg or Facebook, unsubscribable by RSS and unfettered to Twitter.

Which makes it, in the omni-connected TwentyFirst century, a bit of a quaint anachronism, doesn't it? What it tells me, as a modern voter, is "here is a candidate, an elections manager and a political party that just doesn't get it at all" left so far behind the ClueTrain.

And as a former Liberal supporter, I find that very sad. There were once a mighty party, real visionaries, our country hailed internationally as a model of the future. And now they are fashion portraits and empty rhetoric pandering for votes on last century's issues.


Kaisha said...

Kim has:
a twitter account,

a website:

and a facebook fan page:

Jeff said...

It said on her profile that she worked downtown in the financial district "bay street" anyone know where?