Tuesday, February 2, 2010

NDP infighting in Toronto Centre?

While I was out canvassing for Glen Murray on the weekend, I saw an interesting piece of NDP lit a few times. It was standard anti-HST rhetoric, claiming that with the costs of living rising, the HST was bad for lower income voters (never mind the historic lower income tax cuts the NDP voted against), and one of the things it claimed was going up, which would be hurting lower income voters? TTC fare hikes. Never mind that the province has no responsibility over the price of TTC fares, so Crowe is shamelessly hoping to fool voters with base populism, but just who would be responsible for said TTC fair hikes? Former federal NDP president, current TTC chair, and newly declared Toronto mayoral candidate Adam Giambrone. With Giambrone looking to beat former Toronto Centre MPP George Smitherman for mayor, getting attacked from the left for making life harder for lower income voters can't help, and shows that the Team Orange supporters in downtown Toronto don't seem to be working all on the same page right now.

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