Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shaun Carmichael sounds grumpy

This article touches on some of the controversy potentially developing coming out of the PC nomination battle in Leeds-Grenville, with establishment candidate Steve Clark winning after Shaun Carmichael, the Ontario Landowners backed candidate, was knocked out of the race by HQ. Carmichael says:

'Not to be a sore loser, but … I'm a little perturbed with the process," Carmichael said in an interview. "If they didn't want me to run, they could have told me Tuesday or Wednesday."

Carmichael said the local PC executive told him he could not hand in memberships at the riding office on Friday. He said he was also not informed that voting would begin at noon Saturday and not 2 p.m. as had been stated on an earlier announcement.

While the PC establishment has this to say:

Ken Zeise, president of the PC party of Ontario, denied that Carmichael's application had been rejected. "He withdrew his application before we had made a decision on it."

Considering that Carmichael seemed to have a campaign team in place, the local Landowner movement supported his campaign, the idea that he just withdrew before the PC Party made a decision (and considering they didn't have a problem with green-lighting the runs of Clark and current Brockville mayor David Henderson real quick), something seems rotten in the state of the PCPO.

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