Saturday, February 20, 2010

Does Beth Graham want illegal machine guns in Ottawa West-Nepean?

Because her would be caucus mate Randy Hillier does.

Beth Graham served as President of the Leslie Park Community Association and the Nepean Federation of Community Associations, so she must have fairly strong feelings about the safety of her community. So how can she justify running for a Progressive Conservative Party which defends this:

Bruce Montague was convicted of 26 firearms offences last year, including illegal possession of over 200 guns, and such wholesome family activities as altering semiautomatic firearms to fire automatically, removal of serial numbers, manufacture of silencers and disregard of storage regulations regarding loaded weapons. Montague's lawyer in the case was Doug Christie, a far-right political activist most well known for leading the separatist Western Block Party, and acting as a lawyer for a long list of Nazi war criminals, Neo-Nazis, anti-semites, and white supremacists, including Ernst Z√ľndel, Paul Fromm, David Ahenakew, and many others.

So of course it should come as no surprise that PC Labour Critic, Tim Hudak supporter, and PC MPP Randy Hillier has jumped to his defense, speaking at a rally for Montague a couple days ago.
As her interview on CFRA demonstrated ( Graham has a precious lack of policy understanding or platform, and now with her party coming out in support of criminals and jumping in bed with the far-right, it is clear that Ottawa West-Nepean deserves better.

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