Monday, February 22, 2010

Tim Hudak gets it wrong in Ottawa West-Nepean

PC leader Tim Hudak was speaking with an Ottawa-area radio station (interesting that it was him and not Beth Graham doing the talking, I guess they don't want a repeat of this: but it seems like Hudak is just as backwards on the issues as Beth Graham.

Beth Graham and the Tim Hudak PC's have tried to make hay out of allegations that the Liberals have underfunded the Queensway-Carleton, which is totally false. The McGuinty Liberals have increased funding for Queensway Carleton Hospital by 57.8%—a total increased investment of over $40 million since 2003, which has resulted in better access and lower wait times for local families and seniors. Additionally, the McGuinty Government has already committed to an increase in health care funding in the next provincial budget. Compare this to the record of the Beth Graham and Tim Hudak PC's, which includes slashing health care budgets and attempting to shut down Montfort Hospital, the only francophone hospital in the province.

Hudak also tried to accuse the Champlain Local Health Integration Network of signing an untendered contract with Courtyard Group, despite the fact that the Champlain LHIN informed Hudak last week via letter that the contract he referenced was, in fact, awarded through a competitive bidding process. Facts continuted to be a problem for Hudak when he said that the HST was going to raise taxes, when in fact his party voted against the tax reform package which saw 93% of Ontario taxpayers recieve a tax cut. Hudak is playing pure politics on the tax issue, ignoring the support the PC's have showed for the HST:

"…we understand how that (single sales tax) can help the economy.” —Tim Hudak, MPP (Niagara-West Glanbrook), March 24, 2009

“I agree that there’s little sense in allowing two separate governments to apply two separate taxes and policies and collect two separate groups of sales taxes.” —Tim Hudak, MPP (Niagara-West Glanbrook), April 23, 2009

"In principle, we think it's something that should occur." —Bob Runciman, MPP (Leeds-Grenville), March 25, 2009

"…I am not saying that harmonization ultimately is a bad idea." —Peter Shurman, MPP (Thornhill), March 24, 2009

Beth Graham and the Tim Hudak PC's are offering nothing in the way of policies and solutions for the big issues facing Ontario, only flip-flopping, policy confusion, and fear-mongering. Tim Hudak and Beth Graham are unable—or unwilling—to tell fact from fiction.

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caroline berney said...

You can add John O'Toole Mpp for Durham. In 2007 he chastised the Liberals during debate on a Budget bill to harmonize corporate taxes in the Ontario Legislature for not including all small business, the little pizza place etc in harmonizing the Pst and Gst.