Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ottawa West-Nepean Progressive Conservative candidate Beth Graham blows it

I've written extensively recently about the battle for Ottawa West-Nepean, and I happened to come across a recording of the disastorous interview PC candidate Beth Graham gave to CFRA recently, which I whipped up a video for. Graham is asked 4 times a question about Nortel, and each time, she is unable to give a straight answer, dipping around having to committ to a position as well as totally botching the facts when it comes to HST. Have a look:


Anonymous said...

Someone should ask Beth Graham whether she stands with convicted machine gun makers like her
hoped to be colleage Randy Hiller recently demonstrated at a rally in support of a convicted machine gun maker.

I wonder what Tim Hudak thinks about illegal machine guns.

Perhaps someone should ask him.

kirbycairo said...

Wow, the Tories really have blown it recently for themselves in Ontario haven't they. Hudak is a whack-job and if Beth Graham is the best they can field in West-Nepean they really are doing very poorly. I have never thought that much of Mr. McGuinty but the Tories really are handing him another election on a plate so far.