Monday, February 1, 2010

Contested Tory nomination for Ottawa West-Nepean

While Bob Chiarelli secured the Grit nomination for the upcoming by-election this weekend, the Tories will have a contested nomination, with Beth Graham entering the race. Graham was President Leslie Park Community Association and the Nepean Federation of Community Associations and worked for Lisa MacLeod, MPP for the next door riding of Nepean-Carleton, for almost three years. We'll see if Beth can be the third consecutive female by-election candidate for the PC's.

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Craig said...

Leeds-Grenville's nomination is Saturday and that one should also be very interesting. The establishment may want another moderate Red Tory (thinking of the province as a whole), but that riding is filled with Tea Party conservatives who want another Randy Hillier-type candidate, and could stay home if they pick a Red Tory (like when John Tory lost a year ago). If a losing candidate ran as an independent, it could hand the Liberals a very unlikely win on a split vote.