Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Will Cauchon run in Outremont?

Rumours of former Chretien-era cabinet minister and former Outremont MP Martin Cauchon running again in Outremont started almost as soon as the NDP victory in the by-election two years ago. There was speculation that he would run in the last election, which eventually came to nothing, leaving Sébastien Dhavernas, a Quebecois actor to take a run at knocking off Tom Mulcair. Dhavernas rode a wave of mild increase in Liberal support across the province, and finished only 2,000 votes behind Mulcair.

Rumours of Cauchon taking another run at Outremont continued, but fizzled out for at least a bit after he was accused of offering contracts to a Vancouver based lawyer if he bought a table at a Liberal fundraiser, but according to this article: he is indeed considering a comeback, as well as Dhavernas' getting ready for a potential nomination battle and the wooing of Alain Dubuc of La Presse. All three potential candidates have some good pro's to them, so it will be very interesting to see how the behind the scenes goes in what has got to be the number 1 target riding for the Liberals in Quebec.

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