Friday, July 24, 2009

In Harperland: Gays are evil, butcher shops great

Divers/Cité doesn't get a $155,000 funding in return for delivering $10 million to the local economy (and at least half a million going directly into government funds) but, hey, at least a single butcher shop in Denis Lebel's riding gets $100,000.

Combined with Lebel's granting of $94,770 to a local restaurant, Lebel has delivered more for local meat than Diver/Cite asked for, all part of the incredible $6 million (more than 10 times more than the feds allocated towards Toronto Pride) Lebel has dropped on his riding in the last two weeks alone.

Local vote buying over direct economic stimulus provided by market forces drawn to a specialized event? Good to know those fiscally conservative Tories have their priorities "straight".

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