Thursday, July 2, 2009

Harper's "leadership" on the world stage

Under Harper, Canada is indeed "back". We're at the "back" of the pack on environmental issues, and we are playing a leadership role in scuppering any new climate change deal. Conservatives like to harp on Kyoto, but they seem just as intent to stop any real climate deal from getting done in Copenhagen as well.

“Copenhagen is faltering at the moment,” said Sir David. “The Americans are now fully engaged. But several countries are blocking the process.”

Of course, considering we have a Science minister who doesn't believe in science, it's not a big surprise.

The low profile of science in the Canadian and Japanese governments — both countries have recently scrapped the role of chief scientist — is also contributing to their stances, according to Sir David.

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LMA said...

Important quote from this link;

"Canada's position is widely believed to be driven by its powerful industry lobby, which is keen to exploit oil reserves in the country's tar sands"

Ignatieff is also keen to exploit oil reserves in the tar sands. He acknowledges that tar sands should be "cleaned up" but gives no details on how this can be done.

I'm disappointed at his endorsement of tar sands development, and his failure to speak out on Canada's global responsibility to cut GHG emissions.